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What is SAP JAM Features and Uses in social media Platform

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Creation of SAP JAM SAP’s original enterprise social platform was named SAP StreamWork, which was not performing up to its mark. After the purchase of SucessFactors, SAP also gained access to JAM, a social collaboration tool that was integrated with SucessFactors. With the combination of the functionalities of these two tools the SAP JAM collaboration platform was born. Both the standalone functionalities could be tied in with the various SAP resources such as ERP and HCM. However, when they were combined they could now serve all integrational purposes and exist within a SAP environment. The SAP JAM collaboration was initially launched in 2012 but was taken back to be provided with more upgrades. And with the final version of it launched in recent times, SAP JAM has become the go to cloud based social media collaboration tool for enterprises worldwide. SAP JAM – Features JAM serves as aSAP cloud platform that can bring about the benefits of social media collaboration and enterprise grade service provision. It is basically a data processing platform that can be used by companies to share sensitive data amongst employees in different roles. Furthermore, the app features a role based communication module whereby a user will be able to view the data that is only specific to their role. With the help of this feature any professional can get in touch with their peers through an automated process and perform team based strategy creation. SAP JAM brings to the table a list of features such as project collaboration tools, discussion forums, poll creation, task management programs, profile creation, microblogging, among others. It can also be integrated into the Microsoft SharePoint database and this database can be used as a content sharing resource on the SAP JAM platform. JAM can be potentially used in all areas of an enterprise and companies are already using it to streamline their communication and data sharing in sectors such as customer service, human resources, sales and marketing, IT, etc. Why does SAP JAM stand out from other enterprise social platforms? SAP JAM is an immensely immersive experience to every user. Any new employee can be trained with ease with the help of this platform and even industry leaders can find peer networks that will provide them the team support that they need. The JAM community is currently in tens of thousands and it is continually growing every day. A great feature that is allowing for this growth is its unbeatable metadata research capability. All data posted on the platform can be researched using automation tools and be provided with similar data existing on the platform. With this ability users who are discussing a topic can find all related info to that topic. SAP JAM does not simply aim to be a cloud based social media collaboration tool for enterprises, rather it hopes to create an enterprise grade social network that also eases all collaborative processes by creating a worldwide network of professionals. And this dream is moving towards completion every day. In multiple organizations the usage of SAP JAM has completely reduced or eliminated the usage of emails, chat tools, or intranet as a means of communication within employees. Experts claim that the future of enterprise communication lies within enterprise social and email will soon be an obsolete means of communication. SAP JAM is clearly one of the primary milestones in this movement of future generation enterprise communication. The app provides two packages, the higher priced one containing all the relevant features that makes it an end to end communication platform for all companies. Are you a user of SAP JAM? Then let us know in the comments about your experience on the platform. And if not, then you might want to switch now and start the onboarding process as soon as possible.

What is SAP JAM Features and Uses in social media Platform

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